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Well, as you can see from my main WWW page, I'm not proud of the fact that I write this stuff. It seems so very low to take someone else's ideas and twist them to fit your own fantasies.

Nevertheless, some "fan" fiction is high art. Sherlock Holmes, in many ways the first modern superhero, has inspired a great deal of literature. (They're called "pastiches" there.) Superman, in a way, is all "fan" fiction nowadays. Alan Moore's farewell to the pre-Crisis Superman ("What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow?") is really "fan" fiction that just happens to have been professionally published. And Jim Shooter got to be the editor of the Legion of Superheroes mag because when he was 17 he thought he could write the stories better. When Mort Weisinger saw the stories he wrote, he agreed.

Of course, my stories aren't high art.

One of my stories has already appeared on my pages. It's on my Shadowfist pages. But the Shadowfist/Feng Shui setting is much more open than, say, Les Miserables.

The other "fan" fiction stories I've written are about Ukyou in Ranma 1/2. She's a very interesting character, I think, and one that's not really explored by Takahashi Rumiko. (Mainly because that kind of exploration really isn't the point of Ranma 1/2. That's why my stories aren't much like Takahashi's.)

She reminds me of Lana Lang, actually. I was always disappointed that we never got to see how Clark and Lana would end up before the Crisis came along. And we really gotta see more of Lana in the new animated series. So these Ukyou stories are a bit of an extension of that. (So if you see Ranma ripping off his shirt and flying into the air with a cry of "Up, up, and away!" you'll know where it comes from.)

I don't really like any of the stories I've written so far enough to put them out here, but I do have a fragment of the story I'm currently working on. My E-Mail address is on the bottom of the page, if you want to say something to me about this. Or if you know any good Ukyou and/or Lana Lang stories, let me know about that too.

Just one image to conclude this page

[IMAGE: A young Lana and Clark from the current animated series]

In the current animated series, Lana's had a crush on Clark since they were little. But young Clark will soon have to leave Smallville and find his own path in the wide world....

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