(Unofficial) Shadowfist Players' Guide Errata


The official Shadowfist Players' Guide has a bunch of neet stuff in it, including notes on the background of the game, tips, stratgies, and (perhaps most useful) commentary on the rules and clarifications on the rules for the cards.

Unfortunately, there's a few mistakes in the Players' Guide. As there is yet no official errata for the Players' Guide, I'm attempting to unofficially list them here. Let me know if there are any omissions. I haven't yet completed work on this page. The last time I updated this was 1997 July 12.

See also my list of rulings page.



The second paragraph should end "...none of those characters may intercept."

Colonel Griffith

Desdemona Deathangel becomes a 9 Fighting character under Griffith's guidance. (The Guide doesn't do her justice....)

Fortune of the Turtle

Fortune of the Turtle cannot be removed by Return to the Center (unless the player who played Return to the Center also controls Fortune of the Turtle.) Fortune of the Turtle prevents the Return to the Center from targeting the character. (See p. 28)

Progress of the Mouse

The third paragraph should refer to the "start of the main shot," not "start of the establishing shot." Progress of the Mouse is not a card that can be played during the establishing shot.


The first paragraph of the Vivisector's entry in the Guide is quite wrong. All other effects which sacrifice things do so during generation, but Vivisector is the sole exception. Vivisector sacrifices a character you control when its effect resolves. The wording on the card reflects this. This also means that if an opponent responds to Vivisector's turning by playing Dance of the Centipede or Natural Order, your character will not be sacrificed, nor will you gain power. Both the sacrifice of your character and the gaining of power happen during resolution.

Note that this means that your opponents can prevent the sacrifice of your character after you turn Vivisector to generate its effect. For example, if they play Imprison on your character in response, the Imprison will resolve first, sending your character back to your hand. Then the Vivisector's effect resolves, but your character isn't around to be sacrificed. As a result, your character is not sacrificed, and you do not gain gain power.

Why don't you gain power? Sacrifice is a precondition. It's part of a cost you must pay in order to generate some effect. If the sacrifice does not happen, the effect does not either.

Wing of the Crane

The second paragraph should say "The character goes to your smoked pile," not "The charater goes to your hand."


The third sentence of the glossary entry for "Toast" should begin "Note that cards which are discarded are placed in the toasted pile."

Steps of an Attack

There's a mistake on page 30, 1st column: the attacker can NOT choose to intercept his own characters.

Not quite errata

These are entries that are not really errors, but they could be misleading.

Collateral Damage

The entry under Total War mentions a card called Collateral Damage. This card was either renamed during playtest or dropped entirely.

Comrades in Arms

See the entry under "Discerning Fire" elsewhere in this article.

Dirk Wisely

The entry under Dirk Wisely's Gambit mentions attacking with Dirk himself. Unfortunately, the Dirk Wisely is still under development. Maybe in the Throne War expansion....

Dirk Wisely's Gambit

See the entry under "Dirk Wisely" elsewhere in this article.

Discerning Fire

The entry under Comrades in Arms might lead one to believe that Discerning Fire could not smoke cards with the Netherworld designator. Not so. Discerning Fire can affect cards with the "Netherworld" designator as long as all the cards it targets share another designator. But if the only designator they share is "Netherworld", then they are safe.

Might of the Elephant

Is Might of the Elephant Proof against Inauspicious Reburial decks? Well, he's certainly no Hacker. He can't stop your opponent from playing Inauspicious Reburial against you. But you'll always be able to play him, although playing 4 power for a character with a Fighting of 1 seems pretty lame.

However, Necromatic Conspiracy can't touch him.

Total War

See the entry under "Collateral Damage" elsewhere in this article.

Steps of an Attack

There is no generate/resolve to the seizing or burning of a site. It just happens. After a site is seized or burned, the attack is immediately over. In the Steps of an Attack, the last step, step k, has the characters immediately return to their original locations, while the seizing or burning happens in step l. This has lead some people to conclude that there's a little bit of time for effects to be generated after the seizing or burning but before the attack (or turn, in the case of burning for power) ends. This is not so.

The consequences of this fact is explored in greater detail on my Rulings page.

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