Randall M! Gee's Shadowfist Art Gallery Page

I've made a few pictures inspired by the Shadowfist theme. Only two appear on this page, but I'm planning on adding more.

I last updated this gallery on 1998 June 1, and I'm still looking for more pictures. Come back soon, and you may see others.

Thumbnails appear on this page, linked to larger versions of the pictures.

The first picture is an unofficial Shadowfist page logo I made, inspired by Ting-Ting's flying-kick. In case you are wondering, I'm the one on the right. One of my brothers is the one on the left.

The next picture is a "scan" of the Hua Mulan card. She's very famous in China, a legendary woman warrior. She's also the subject of Disney's 1998 animated film. You can find out more about her, and view more images of her on my Mulan page. The artwork comes from a teaser poster for the Disney movie, which can be viewed on my Mulan page. The card text and her statistics are my own, and I welcome any comments and suggestions.

I am the keeper of Gummi Wisdom!

Email address: gee@math.berkeley.edu

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