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The official WWW page is located at http://www.shadowfist.com/, but it is still nascent. A better one is located at http://www.innocence.com/shadowfist/. It was originally maintained by Bryant Durrell, another Bay Area person, but he's passed that job onto Michael J. Nickoloff, a Southern California person. (Eww!) It's so good that I can be really brief in describing Shadowfist, because you can just look there. Bryant still maintains a great site for the Feng Shui RPG, Shadowfist's sister product. It's at http://www.innocence.com/fengshui/. Also, if you are in the Bay Area and are interested in tournaments, check out his South Bay Proving Grounds page at http://www.innocence.com/proving-grounds/. For some reason, there's no link to that page from his other pages.

If you're interested in finding regular games, South Bay Shadowfist players can visit Neutral Ground in Mountain View on Thursday nights. The address is 560 Showers Dr., Suite 4, which is to say it is in the San Antonio Shopping Center, near El Camino and San Antonio.

You can subscribe to the Bay Area Shadowfist mailing list (also maintained by Bryant Durrell) by sending email to bay-fist-request@innocence.com, with the line "subscribe" as the body of the message.

One other site I want to point out is http://www.best.com/~zhuge/ which has translations of works by Jin Yong and Pu Sing-lin. These works help inspire such movies as A Chinese Ghost Story and is worth checking out.

What do the Chinese characters for "shadowfist" look like? Even Lynx users can take a look. In Mandarin, it would be pronounced "ying quan." "Ying" has a lower rising tone, and "quan" has an upper rising tone. In Cantonese, it's pronounced "ying kyuhn." "Ying" has a high rising tone, and "kyuhn" has a low falling tone. (The Pinyin system is used for the Mandarin, and Yale for the Cantonese. I don't really know a good way to get the tone marks to display in HTML.)

[IMAGE: Calligraphy reading "Mu Lan" by Mi Fei]

What was the biggest film of 1998 to further the cause of equal opportunity butt-kicking? Mulan, created by the fine animators at Disney studios, a 5th or 6th century Chinese poet, and countless others throughout the centuries. Visit the Mulan FAQ to learn more about this film.

Incidentally, the Chinese characters on this page read "Mulan." They were written by Mi Fei (1051-1107), one of the dominant figures in Chinese art. To find out more, check out the China the Beautiful pages, or the China the Beautiful West Coast Mirror. You can find the original poem, with calligraphy by Mi Fei, on their Ballad of Mulan page.

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