Welcome to Randall M! Gee's WWW page!

A prefatory remark

This page is not under construction, as that would imply that I'm actually planning to spend some time working on it. It's just a bunch of stuff that I thought I'd put out on the WWW.

And now, stuff I thought should be put on the WWW

I like playing Shadowfist, a collectible card game. You can find a very accurate card list on my Shadowfist pages, trades I'm looking for, and a few other bits of interest as well. Plus, there's items of special interest to Bay Area Shadowfist players.

I like card games in general, actually. I've even put up a page devoted to Hearts. More precisely, it's devoted to a running Hearts game my friends and I are playing.

Even Lynx users can see what my family name is in Chinese.

I've collected a few neet things about my University, including "the most amazing, sensational, traumatic, heart-rending, exciting, thrilling finish in the history of college football," on my Cal page.

The ancient Chinese poem about a girl who joins the army in the stead of her father became a Disney animated film in 1998. I've set up a page of my own devoted to the legendary Mulan.

Icons are one of the many great things the Macintosh brought to personal computing. See the icon sets I've made on my icon page.

The lowest form of writing is not the dirty limerick but "fanfic." The writing of "fanfic" is the final fall into the most horrible inferno of nerd-dom. And if you actually have a fan-fiction WWW page....!

I am a fan of comics and cartoons, but I don't have a lot of neet pictures on my page. But I am following New Tenchi Muyou! and you can follow along!

You can look at links to my friends' WWW pages.

Right now, there's nothing else I feel like putting on the WWW.

Finally, some "technical" details

This page looks best under Lynx, which is a good browser. The latest version is 2.8.3. If you don't have it, you may want to download Lynx now!

When I said that this page looks best under Lynx, I thought about enforcing that by setting the background and foreground colors to be exactly the same, or by putting up a random-dot background, or by making a giant image with just [IMAGE] in the middle (with a nice ALT tag, of course.) But I decided that would be silly. (However, that doesn't stop other people from doing silly things to make their WWW pages inaccessible to large portions to WWW users.)

Other good browsers include Apple's web browser, Safari; Mozilla and it's Macintosh derivative, Camino; and iCab.

There are many other good browsers, not made by Microsoft.

Berkeley's Math department provides a form to get us students started with a very basic WWW page. Unfortunately, it's not good HTML. That's so lame.

I don't know how many people have visited this page.

These pages are filled with Gummi Wisdom!

I'd like to hear from you, unless you're a bulk E-Mailer.

Email address: gee@math.berkeley.edu