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New Tenchi Muyou! is a Japanese animated television series which ran for 26 episodes, from 1997 April 1 to September 23. (26 episodes is the standard length for an animated series in Japan.) It's based on the popular Tenchi Muyou! line of cartoons. If you want to know more about that, check some of the many anime-related WWW sites.

I've been following the series by watching videotapes from Japan. There is no English translation, and I do not speak Japanese. Nonetheless, I can follow a fair bit of it.

I wrote synopses for some of the episodes and sent them to the Tenchi Muyou! mailing list. I've put them on my WWW page so everyone can see it, if he was so inclined. Ironic, actually, since I started following that mailing list to understand better the episodes I was seeing. But the more voluble people lost their access to these tapes, so the responsibility of telling the American Tenchi fans what happened in these crucial episodes fell to me.

Luckily, I have been in contact with people who actually do speak Japanese, and I've incorporated their input into these synopses. I thank Junji Inaba in Japan, Aubrey Kuang-Yu Chen in Taiwain, and "PsychoPixi" for their help.

More synopses and pictures from New Tenchi Muyou! can be found at http://www.dim.com/~josh/tenchi/shin_tenchi/ and http://www.acm.cps.msu.edu/~langbenj/tenchi.

You know, you can view these episodes yourself. I'm doing it; so can you.

And if you do, and you can help me understand what's going on, won't you please drop me a line and share?


I thank everyone who did drop me a line to share. Every time someone does, I update the synopses I keep here. The last batch of updates came on 1999 Jan 7. I try to keep a list of what's been updated, but I'm not always accurate.



I think that the song played over the closing credits is the best anime song since the first title sequence song from Ranma 1/2. So I've put it on my pages. It's called "Yameraranai Yamerarenai" and it is stored as an AIFF file. The file is also 1,014,596 bytes long.

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