As New Tenchi Muyou! drew to a close, it became more crucial to understand the dialog. This is a problem for non-Japanese speakers like me. I could still follow most of the story, but I knew I was missing a lot, and so I refrained from writing synopses for the last episodes. Fortunately, so people came to my aid. "PsychoPixi" has sent out a synopsis for this episode, which I gratefully put up here.

"PsychoPixi's" Twenty-fourth episode synopsis

It is evening, a view of Sakuya's apartment. The wind is gently blowing the sheer curtains hanging over the sliding glass door to the balcony. There are sparse furnishings in the apartment, a twin bed, a lamp and a telephone. Sakuya's school uniform hangs from a hook on the bare wall. Sakuya is once again in the picture of her and Tenchi. Sakuya herself is sleeping on top of the covers of her bed, having apparently fallen asleep fully clothed. The phone is ringing and Sakuya awakens drowsily, realizing that she fell asleep without knowing it. Sakuya's answering machine picks up the call. It's Tenchi. He leaves a message saying that he stopped by Sakuya's place that day but she was not there. Sakuya is touched by the fact that Tenchi came looking for her. Sakuya hears that Tenchi is about to hang up and quickly picks up the phone. She tells him that she just got back home. Tenchi sounds very glad that she is there. He asks her if she would like to go out tomorrow. Sakuya happily tells him that of course she would and agrees to meet him at the park at 10:00am.

Title screen: "As if caused by a heatwave, a mirage-like, dream story"

At the Masaki shrine, Tenchi's grandfather, Katsuhito remarks that it is just as Washu said. He asks her if she is going to go to Tokyo. Washu tells him that she has to go and tell Tenchi. Katsuhito then says that he will go with her, Tenchi should hear it from him since it is his family's responsibility. Washu agrees.

Sakuya is waiting in the park for Tenchi, standing by the statue. She looks at her watch. Tenchi is late. Just then Tenchi comes running up, apologizing. Sakuya tells him that it's O.K., she only just got there herself. Tenchi asks Sakuya what she would like to do, then realizes that he was the one who invited her so he should have some idea of what they should do. As he tries to come up with something, Sakuya begins to look sad and appears to be having second thoughts about going out. But Tenchi takes her hand and starts walking, saying that they'll go to the train station and decide where to go from there. Sakuya is surprised by his actions and seems to cheer up a bit. She stops Tenchi and tells him that she would like to go see the ocean. "O.K., Let's go!," Tenchi says.

On a faraway planet, Ryoko and Hotsuma are engaged in a fierce battle. Hotsuma tells Ryoko that he won't allow her to return to earth. Ryoko demands to know what is going on back there. Hotsuma tells her that it doesn't concern her, considering the fact that she is going to die on this planet. Ryoko furiously attacks and injures Hotsuma. Enraged, Hotsuma tranforms into a montrous creature, roaring that he will destroy Ryoko.

In Yuugi's realm, Yuugi calls for Matori who immediately appears before her. Yuugi tells her that the time when this planet will become her domain is approaching, the time when her dream will come true is coming. Matori offers her congratulations. But before that, Yuugi wants Matori to bring Sasami to her. Matori asks if that is wise. She says that though Sasami is cute, she is their enemy and when everyone else is gone Sasami probably won't be happy being there. Yuugi gives Matori a furious look. Feigning having been properly chastened, Matori leaves to do her bidding. "She'll stay," Yuugi says.

Sakuya and Tenchi are at the beach by the seaside. Sakuya says that it feels nice there. Tenchi agrees. Sakuya thanks Tenchi, saying that it's nice not being alone. She runs her hand through the water lapping up on the shore."Being like this makes me feel safe," she says,"I don't know why but I feel like I've always be alone."

"I see," Tenchi replies sadly.

"Say, Techi-kun...," Sakuya turns toward Tenchi.

"Wha...," but he is kept from saying anything else by her kiss. Sakuya steps back and smiles shyly, telling him that she is making summer memories. "If I don't have any memories then it will be nice to make lots of them." Tenchi, at first blushing and looking a bit stunned fro her kiss, happily agrees. "Let's go," Sakuya says and they take off hand in hand.

Somewhere on Earth, Kiyone and Mihoshi are confronting Tsugaru, who was responsible for their ship crashing. Kiyone is pointing her gun at him, telling him to surrender. Mihoshi asks if it is all right to arrest him on their day off. Kiyone tells her that considering what he did to their ship, whether it's all right or not doesn't matter. Tsugaru apologizes, rather unconvincingly, for doing this while they are on vacation. Kiyone demands to know what he's all about, he helped them before. Tsugaru tells her that a lot of things have happened and now he's following Yuugi's orders to eliminate them. Kiyone furiously demands to know what they are after, in the process knocking aside Mihoshi, who promptly loses her balance and falls over. Tsugaru tells Kiyone that if she defeats him, he will tell her. Kiyone agrees, aiming her gun and saying that she doesn't know that he won't get hurt in the process. Kiyone starts firing at him but all her shots are repelled by Tsugaru's force field. Kiyone yells at Mihoshi to get up and shoot. Mihoshi stands and starts firing with her eyes shut, missing the laughing Tsugaru completely, he doesn't even need his force field. But she does hit the underside of their crashed ship, which results in a explosion that sends Tsugaru flying. "I did it!" Mihoshi cries happily. Kiyone can't believe it.

Katsuhito and Washu are sitting in Tenchi's apartment waiting for him. Tenchi comes home saying to himself that he thought something had happened to Sakuya but he's relieved to find that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. He opens the door to the main room and is surprised to find Washu and his grandfather there. "Welcome home!" Washu says cheerily.

Eye catch

Tenchi has prepared tea for the three of them and sits down with Washu and his grandfather. Tenchi asks if they have come to tell him something. Washu pulls a laptop from her shirt and begins to explain. She reminds Tenchi of what she told him the last time she was there, that the shrine was attacked and the gang broken up. Washu then proceeds to project an image into the air and asks Tenchi if he recognizes the place in the image. Tenchi tells her that it's the ruins he went to with his school. Washu explains that she investigated the place and was surprised to learn that it was of Jurain origins. It is very old, however, it is not a ruins. It's a containment capsule meant to seal something away. Tenchi tells her that it was empty. Washu explains that of course it was empty, after all the person who was inside woke up and has been doing all sorts of nasty things. Tenchi's asks if it the same person who attacked the shrine. Washu tells him that it is. Tenchi asks who it is and Washu tells him that it's someone he has met. She projects an image of Yuugi. Tenchi can't believe that it could be Sasami's friend, Yuugi. Washu tells Tenchi that she pulled the information from Jurain memory banks. Information, regarding events that happened 3600 years ago. Yuugi is a mutant, the result of some kind of energy experiments. Washu informs Tenchi of the havoc Yuugi wrought on Jurai and how she was subsequently sealed away in the capsule. Tenchi then surmises that Yuugi just landed on earth by chance. Washu explains that Yuugi wants to turn Earth into her own personal domain, the same thing she tried to do on Jurai. "But why did she break us up?" Tenchi wonders. Washu tells Tenchi that the pendant left to him by his mother is the reason. Tenchi and Washu's crystals begin to glow. Tenchi's grandfather says that he will explain it from there.

Sakuya is sitting on the floor of her room, her back to the sliding glass door, looking at the picture of herself and Tenchi. She is thinking about Tenchi. She touches her lips and thinks of their kiss. "I wonder if he's gotten home yet," she says, looking at her telephone.

Tenchi's grandfather explains to Tenchi that for generations the Masaki family have been the protectors of the planet. They are Star-keepers. They are entrusted with caring for the well being of their world. The jewel is the proof of that responsibility. Washu tells Tenchi that the parts of the jewel in the possession of herself and the rest of the gang don't have much effect. But when used by the right person the jewel responds and is extemely powerful. That person being the member of the Masaki family who is that generation's Star-keeper, Tenchi presumes. Katsuhito tells him that is correct. Tenchi then asks what the light it is emitting means. "A warning," Washu tells him, "when the parts of the jewel are all together it gains special powers and can drive back dark entities. But with everyone broken up, the power of the jewel is weakened." Tenchi realizes that this is reason Yuugi made the group break up. Washu asks Tenchi if he has seen the news. Washu tells a stunned Tenchi that the columns of light that have been appearing all over the place are evidence Yuugi's realm. "It is still in another dimension at the moment," Washu explains,"but it is only a matter of time before it comes into this world." Tenchi asks what they can do. His grandfather tells him that, unfortunately, there is nothing they can do. "If the jewel were all together there might be something we could do," Washu says, "but with three of the people who possess the crystals away from earth, it looks like were beat." Tenchi says that he is responsible for this. It all happened because he suddenly decided to go to Tokyo. "Tenchi-dono," Washu says seriously, "the truth is,there is one other thing I have to tell you."

At the Masaki home, Aeka, Sasami and company suddenly find themselves under attack. Aeka thinks it is Yuugi. She tells Sasami to stay in the house and prepares to fight. But it is not Yuugi, it is Matori who is attacking them. Matori tells Aeka that she has come for Sasami, Yuugi is waiting for her. Aeka informs Matori that she will not allow her to take Sasami. Aeka activates all the defense systems she has installed around the house. Aeka tells Matori that she had best leave while she has the chance and laughs maniacally. Matori then brings forth shadow-creatures to attack them. Matori tells Aeka that if she wants to keep her life she had better turn Sasami over to her.

Back in Tokyo, Tenchi comes running out of his apartment. Washu and Katsuhito then emerge from the open door. "I guess it would have been better not to tell him," Washu says. In Tenchi's apartment, the phone begins to ring.

Tenchi is running through the city streets. "It can't be!" he thinks.

Flashback to a few minutes ago, in his apartment.

Washu projects an image of Sakuya. "Of course, you know this girl," she says.

"Yes," Tenchi replies.

"She's not human," Washu tells him. Tenchi can not believe what she is saying and tells her that it is a very bad joke. Washu shows him the image of Sakuya using a filter of Yuugi's energies so he can see it with his own eyes. "This is her true form," Washu says.

Back to the present, Tenchi continues running, a pained looked crosses his face.

Sakuya is in her apartment, standing before the sliding glass door. She is just getting off the phone. Sakuya says Tenchi's name and once again looks at the picture of herself and Tenchi. Suddenly, in the window, Sakuya sees a flash of light behind her. She turns in surprise. It's Yuugi. "You have been doing a good job for a long time Sakuya," Yuugi says, "I've come to get you. The time when my dreams will come true has arrived." Sakuya is frightened and asks what Yuugi is talking about.

"Come along Sakuya," Yuugi says.

"Who are you?" Sakuya asks in fear.

"Sakuya," Yuugi says,"you are my shadow."

"No!" Sakuya screams and starts crying, "Tenchi-kun!" Yuugi reaches for her. Sakuya screams and from outside her apartment a bright light is seen coming from her window.

Tenchi arrives at Sakuya's apartment and bangs on the door calling her name and telling her to open the door. He tries the door handle, it's unlocked. Tenchi enters ... and stares in shock at Yuugi. "You're a little too late, Masaki Tenchi" she tells him, "I've already taken back my shadow." Tenchi is stunned. Yuugi laughs and floats out through the window. "With this, all the preparations are complete. It's only a matter of time before this planet becomes my domain." Tenchi watches Yuugi disappear and crumbles to the floor. In the backround, we hear the beep of Sakuya's phone off the hook.

Back in Tenchi's apartment, someone pushes the play button on Tenchi's answering machine. We hear the message that Sakuya just left for Tenchi. "Tenchi-kun, thank you for today. It was really fun. I've decided, since I can't remember my past, I'll stop trying to think of it. I have the feeling that I'm here to fall in love with you. Tenchi-kun, I've fallen more and more in love with you." While we hear Sakuya's voice, the scene changes to different locations around throughout the city and we see flashes of Sakuya. Tenchi's apartment, a sidewalk cafe, Sakuya sitting eating lunch, a street lined with stores, Sakuya smiling happily, Tenchi and Sakuya's classroom, Sakuya sitting at her desk, the outside of their school, Sakuya and Tenchi kissing at the school carnival, and finally, Sakuya's apartment. In her apartment, Tenchi is still in front of the window, crying over the picture of himself and Sakuya. Tears fall on the glass of the picture frame. Tenchi says Sakuya's name and a small sob escapes him. There is an image of Sakuya smiling, framed by a bright light. She turns and disappears into the light. There is then a special closing credits sequence. It features various scenes of Sakuya taken from different episodes throughout the series. The ending song is sung by Sakuya's voice actress. The final image shows Tenchi and Sakuya walking arm in arm away from the Tokyo skyline at sunset.

Once again, I'd like to thank PsychoPixi for providing this excellent synopsis.

An extra note about the special closing credits sequence: the normal close of all the other episodes is to go to some commercials, then run the credits, then immediately go to scenes from the next episode. In this episode, the closing credit sequence runs right behind the episode proper. The scenes of Sakuya immediately follow her disappearance. After Tenchi and Sakuya walking away into the sunset, commercials run, and then come the scenes for the next episode.

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