As New Tenchi Muyou! drew to a close, it became more crucial to understand the dialog. This is a problem for non-Japanese speakers like me. I could still follow most of the story, but I knew I was missing a lot, and so I refrained from writing synopses for the last episodes. Fortunately, so people came to my aid. "PsychoPixi" has sent out a synopsis for this episode, which I gratefully put up here.

"PsychoPixi's" Twenty-fifth episode synopsis

The night wind gently blows the curtains of Sakuya's apartment. Tenchi stands at the open sliding glass door looking angrily outside. Washu and Katsuhito stand in the room behind him. Tenchi is thinking of Sakuya. The message that Sakuya left for Tenchi is again heard in the backround. "Tenchi-kun, thank you for today. It was really fun. I've decided, since I can't remember my past, I'll stop trying to think of it. After all, It will be nice to make memories from this point on. It will be nice making memories together with you, Tenchi-kun." Tenchi picks up the framed picture of himself and Sakuya. "Fall festival, Christmas with just the two of us. Right, right! It will be like doing those things for the first time. I have the feeling that I'm here to fall in love with you. Tenchi-kun, I've fallen more and more deeply in love with you."

Title screen: "Scattered flowers, after you have departed, ....."

The battle with Matori continues at the Masaki home. Rhoohki is seen crashing from the sky. A worried Sasami runs up to check on her. Matori appears to have the upper hand. Aeka is looking a bit worse for wear, the fighting is obviously taking it's toll on her. The Guardians are worried about her. But Aeka is still determined, she won't allow Matori to lay one finger on her and Tenchi's home. " Let's just test that, shall we? " Matori says and fires a blast at Aeka. She raises her shield.

"I won't lose," Aeka thinks, "I can't lose lose!" She thinks of Tenchi. Then, her field collapses. Aeka is blasted back and once more thinks of Tenchi before crashing to the ground unconcious. Sasami cries out to her sister and then turns furiously towards Matori, but there is nothing she can do. Matori and Sasami are enveloped in a flash of light and disappear. Rhoohki meows pitifully and transforms into her ship form. Just regaining consciousness, a dazed and groggy Aeka realizes she is going to find Tenchi's grandfather and Washu.

A short time later in Tokyo, Rhoohki has located Tenchi, Katsuhito and Washu in Sakuya's apartment and lets them know what happened back at the house. Katsuhito is shocked that they came to take Sasami and not Tenchi. Tenchi disparingly thinks of Aeka and Sasami.

Darkness. Yuugi is speaking to Sasami. "Sasami, as long as you are here, I don't need anything else. No people, no cities, no oceans, no stars, no sky. I don't need any of it." Sasami, frozen in a giant crystal, is suspended is the air in front Yuugi. "Now," Yuugi continues, "let's you and I create and world for just the two of us." A bright light emerges from behind Sasami. Everything in Yuugi's dimension begins to shake, the crystals all around them begin rising. In the real world, the light columns that had spring up all over the place begin quickly spreading. Everything they touch turns dark and still. Yuugi's crystal fortress appears in the sky over Tokyo.

Back in Sakuya's apartment, Tenchi, Washu, Katsuhito and Rhoohki are surrounded by a bubble of light. Tenchi asks what has happened. "Yuugi has broken through the dimensional wall," Washu explains, "time stopping is just a side effect. If it weren't for the power of the crystals, we would have been affected as well." Tenchi furiously growls Yuugi's name. He turns to leave. Washu goes to block his path. "Where are you going?" she asks, concerned, "You're not going to Yuugi, are you? Right now, if you go face her alone there will be nothing you can do. Don't be rash!" Tenchi sternly asks Washu to please get out of his way. She is startled, and even seems a bit frightened by Tenchi's intensity. Katsuhito lays his hand on his grandson's shoulder. He asks Tenchi if he realizes what he is doing. What would they do if something happened to the star-keeper, the only person who can use the jewel. "Until we have the power of all the crystals there is nothing we can do," Washu insists. Tenchi becomes more angry.

"Get out of the way!" Tenchi yells furiously. He slams out of Sakuya's apartme nt and runs away. Washu and Katsuhito follow him out of the apartment. Washu calls out after him.

Throughout the city buildings are being encased in a layer of crystals.

In Yuugi's fortress, floating in the sky above Tokyo, Yuugi apologizes to Sasami for shutting her away like that. "What is happening would probably be hard for you Sasami," Yuugi explains. "Sasami, you are the only person who's ever told me they were my friend, the only person who has smiled at me. That's why I'm going to transform this world into a world for just the two of us. And then you can smile again for me Sasami."

Tenchi is running through the streets toward Yuugi's fortress. "I destroyed it," he thinks, "I.... I can't ask for anyone's help, there's no reason for me to be able to ask for anyone's help." There are flashbacks of Ryoko, Aeka, Washu, Mihoshi and Kiyone, Sasami and Rhoohki, the picture of the whole gang. "Getting myself caught in Yuugi's trap, causing everyone to be split up. I'm the lowest. Hurting Aeka, Sasami and everyone. I can't ask anyone for help." Then he thinks of Sakuya. There is an image of her surrounded by light, sakura blossoms floating through the air. She says his name. With a pained look on his face, Tenchi continues running. "Yuugi!!" he yells in fury as he approaches the fortress.

On another world, Ryoko is battling the monstrously transformed Hotsuma. Ryoko trys to blow him away, but Hotsuma is unfazed and he just bats away her most powerful blasts. Suddenly, Hotsuma comes up behind Ryoko, ready to strike.

The scene switches to Earth, where Tsugaru is continuing to torment Kiyone and Mihoshi. They fire on him but he just sweeps them away with a blast of wind.

In Okayama, an exhausted and bruised Aeka is looking dispondently at the house, covered in barbed wire and battlements, looking more like a bomb shelter than a home.

In Tokyo, Tenchi stands atop one of the many crystals floating in the air around Yuugi's fortress. With an angry look in his eyes, Tenchi haltingly says Sakuya's name. Tenchi thinks back to their trip to the beach yesterday, he and Sakuya looking at the water, feeling the wind. "Sakuya-san," he thinks, "just a little while ago, you were beside me. You laughed beside me." Tenchi thinks of Sakuya kneeling to feel the water. "You weren't an illusion. You weren't anything like a shadow. You were by my side, with me." He thinks of Sakuya turning to give him a kiss. "That, that, that...." In her fortress, suspended high in the sky above him, Yuugi just laughs. "How dare you!" he yells. Tenchi lets lose a furious cry and jumps from crystal to crystal up towards Yuugi.

On the other world, Ryoko is down. Hotsuma stands threateningly before her. She thinks of Tenchi.

Tsugaru is laughing wildly as Mihoshi and Kiyone are being thrown about in a whirlwind around him.

Tenchi determinedly continues on toward Yuugi, yelling in fury. Yuugi and Matori watch as he approaches. Matori remarks that he is not very good at losing. "Leave him alone," Yuugi instructs her. Matori is surprised by this. "Don't you think it's fun?" Yuugi remarks, "Just the way it is." Tenchi launches himself at Yuugi. Yuugi simply smiles as he approaches. Just before Tenchi reaches Yuugi, he runs into a barrier of some kind and is engulfed in light. Suddenly he is dressed in his school uniform and is coming to a landing on the grounds outside the school, right behind Sakuya and two of her friends. Sakuya is happily talking and laughing with her friends as they walk away from the school. Tenchi hesistantly says her name. Sakuya stops walking and looks over her shoulder, the sun is bright behind her. Tenchi looks ready to cry. Sakuya sees that it's Tenchi. She turns around smiling and waves at him.

Eye catch

The school clock is striking six, the sky is the color of early evening. Tenchi stands on the school grounds staring at Sakuya standing with her friends. He questioningly speaks her name. Sakuya smiles at him, "What's the matter?," she asks, "you have a funny look on your face." Tenchi reaches out to Sakuya and haltingly approaches her. Again, he hesistantly says her name. Everything around him disappears into darkness.

Yuugi's voice is heard coming from somewhere in the darkness. "There's no reason to make that kind face," she says of the diappointment on his face, "after I've gone so far as to invite you into my fortress. You're so unappreciative. In that case..." The world changes again, he is surrounded by the light of the sea at sunset, he is on the beach he visited with Sakuya. "What are you so surprised about?" Sakuya, again dressed in her school uniform, appears behind him, but she speaks with Yuugi's voice. "This is my world, I can change it however I want." Yuugi and Sakuya's voices combine, "Of course, that includes my shadow as well."

Tenchi angrily turns around and rushes at her. He threateningly grabs her and pulls up her by her vest. Sakuya looks up at Tenchi innocently and questioningly says his name. This time the voice is Sakuya's alone. Tenchi is taken aback. "What's the matter?," Sakuya asks him, "you have a strange look on your face." She smiles at him. Tenchi slowly releases her. Yuugi speaks to Tenchi from her usual place in her fortress, Matori on her left and Sasami on her right. "Now, enjoy yourself," she says, "This is what both you and Sakuya wished for, isn't it? A world for just the two of you. Or will you throw Sakuya away to save THIS world? Yuugi laughs.

In another part of the universe, Hotsuma is charging at Ryoko. But as he strikes, Ryoko raises her arm to shield herself and suddenly the crystal begins shining brightly. Hotsuma is thrown back by a powerful blast. "Don't you get it?" Ryoko asks, "No matter what you do my heart won't break." Hotsuma lauches at her again. "Shall I tell you what your mistake was?" Ryoko holds Hotsuma back with her power. "It doesn't matter who is by Tenchi's side. In the end, I will win!" Ryoko blasts Hotsuma away in a tremendous display of power.

"What's the matter you two?," Tsugaru taunts, "Feigning death isn't like you." Tsugaru floats in the sky overhead waiting for Mihoshi and Kiyone, who have taken refuge behind some rocks. Kiyone has come to the realization that they have only one option left, she takes out somekind of dimensional warhead and prepares it for firing. Mihoshi is shocked, saying that they aren't supposed to use that unless they receive approval from several superiors.

"Now isn't the time for saying such things!" Kiyone says. "You understand? I'll distract him, you fire the decisive shot."

"Kiyone," Mihoshi whines in despair.

Kiyone runs out and fires at Tsugaru. He unleashes a powerful blast to crush her once and for all. Kiyone closes her eyes, preparing for the impact. It doesn't come. Kiyone opens her eyes and sees Mihoshi standing in front of her, arms outstretched, shielding her. Kiyone reaches out to her.

"Mihoshi..... You..."

"Kiyone, look out," Mihoshi says weakly and falls face forward onto the ground. Tsugaru starts laughing like crazy. Kiyone looks at Mihoshi and becomes enraged. She picks up the gun from where Mihoshi dropped it and aims at Tsugaru.

"You guys are the lowest!" Kiyone screams, as she fires the gun. Tsugaru is taken completely off guard and is apparently disintegrated in the blast of the warhead. Kiyone then kneels down to Mihoshi and says, "Let's go home Mihoshi. Back where we belong."

Mihoshi whines, "It hurts."

In the dream world Yuugi created for them, Sakuya and Tenchi are at a Fall Festival. Drums are pounding, people enjoying themselves. Sakuya, wearing a light blue kimono with sunflowers, and Tenchi, dressed in his street clothes, are standing together before a rack full of different masks. Tenchi puts on a cat mask. Sakuya laughs.

>From her fortress, Yuugi is watching them. "That's right, Masaki Tenchi," she says, "give everything over to me. If you do that, the you can be with Sakuya forever." To Sasami, who is beside her still encased in crystal, she says, "I win, Sasami."

Sakura petals float through the darkness. Tenchi and Sakuya, now both dressed in street clothes, walk along a path lined by sakura trees.

"It's so pretty!" Sakuya says.

"Yeah," Tenchi agrees.

"If it's like this next year, it will be nice to go see the sakura blossoms together," she enthuses.

"It will be won't it," he responds.

"Next year, let's take a picnic to go see the sakura blossoms," Sakuya suggests happily, "I'll make you lunch, OK? And then..."

Suddenly Tenchi embraces Sakuya from behind. She is startled. Everything around them disappears in a bright light. "Sakuya-san," he says, looking a bit sad, "you said you love me, right? I haven't given you a reply yet, have I? I'm sorry I made you wait." Sakura petals float through the brightness. Sakuya looks over her shoulder at him. "I love you too," Tenchi says with a small, gentle smile on his face. Sakuya smiles happily, she says his name and turns in his arms. They kiss, floating away enveloped in light and sakura petals. As they kiss, a tear falls from Sakuya's eye.

Elsewhere, Yuugi is suddenly startled.

Sakuya and Tenchi are sitting together beneath a sakura tree. "I'm so happy," Sakuya says, "I waited so long. But I guess the time is up." She let's go of Tenchi's hand and stands up before him, smiling.

"Sakuya-san?" Tenchi says.

"It's enough," she assures him. "It's a bit frustrating, but it's enough. It's everything. This is the end of the dream time."

Yuugi and Matori are watching. Yuugi appears angry. "That's enough!" she yells furiously, "I'm going to get rid of you! You two! I'm going to get rid of you!"

Tenchi stands up and says, "Sakuya, I..." Sakuya places her finger over his lips, stopping his words. The sakura tree disappears behind Tenchi, but sakura petals continue to swirl around the two of them.

"It's all right," Sakuya tells him, "I understand. No matter how beautiful, no matter how joyous, this is a dream." A sakura petal lands on her hand and disappears. "People can't live in an illusion." She takes her finger from his lips. "Tenchi-kun, there is something you have to do, there are people who are waiting for you, there's a place you have to go back to." Sakuya clasps her hands to her breast and says, "My time with you, the time I spent with you, each and every moment are my precious, precious treasures. All my treasures are in here," she places her hand over his heart, "So it's all right. I won't be lonely anymore." Tenchi gathers her in an embrace. Bits of light spiral around them.

"Disappear!!" Yuugi screams at them.

The light around Tenchi and Sakuya vanishes and they are left in darkness. Tenchi holds Sakuya tightly, then slowly releases her and places his hands on her shoulders, looking intently at her face. Sounding a bit unsure he says, "All right, I'll go..."

Sakuya smiles and nods. "Bye bye," she says and disappears in a shower of sparkling light from beneath Tenchi hands.

Tenchi's eyes are closed sadly. When he opens them he has a determined look in his eyes. Techi begins falling among the crystals suspended in Yuugi's fortress. The crystal necklace escapes from the inside of Tenchi's shirt and shines with an intense flash of tremendous light.

At the same moment...

On a planet faraway, Ryoko's crystal explodes with light.

In front of the Masaki home, Aeka's crystal releases an intense flash.

On some other part of Earth, Kiyone and Mihoshi's crystals flare.

In Sakuya's apartment, Washu's crystal ignites with brightness.

And beside Yuugi, the crystal in which she encased Sasami begins to glow brilliantly. There is a trememdous blast of light and the crystal shatters.

Tenchi is still falling. Suddenly a hand grabs his. It's Ryoko. "Hi," she says with a wave. She flies them both up to a crystal platform. Tenchi turns away, not knowing what to say. "What's with the stormy face," Ryoko chides him, slapping him on the back and encouraging him to buck up. "You don't have to worry about our friendship," she tells him with a smile. Without warning, Matori attacks them with a tremendous blast of energy. But when the smoke clears, Tenchi and Ryoko are being protected by Aeka's force field. Aeka, standing on a crystal platfrom just above them, smiles and asks Tenchi if he is all right. Ryoko promptly flys up to Aeka and angrily tells her no one called for her. "Get going, Pricess Stupid! Shoo!" Ryoko says.

Aeka is incensed, "What!? This beast!" she yells, "After going to all the trouble to protect you as well!" The two of them continue bickering until they are interupted by Matori.

"It's not over yet!" Matori yells out preparing to let lose another blast. A shot is fired. The energy Matori was gathering ignites in a huge explosion. Matori disappears. The shot was fired by Kiyone, standing on a crystal platform below the other. Mihoshi is sitting beside her.

"You got her!" Mihoshi says, sounding shocked.

"What's wrong with that?! Dummy!" Kiyone responds in annoyance.

Sasami is the next one to appear. She calls to Tenchi. Aeka embraces her little sister in relief. Ryoko is surprised to see Kiyone and Mihoshi. Kiyone notices that Mihoshi's wounds are healed. Tenchi is stunned, "Why are you all here?" he wonders.

Then Washu appears. "It happened as a result of the power of the jewel," she explains, "You wanted every one to come back to where you were."

"But I..., it's my fault everyone was broken up," Tenchi says.

Yuugi is staring at them in shock. "Sasami, Sasami...," is all she says.

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